Institutional Address:

English Department

Northeastern Illinois University

5500 N St. Louis Avenue

Chicago, IL 60625

Core Academic Research Projects

I am interested in cosmopolitanism. I seek to understand how this concept can be fruitfully applied to the African present especially in view of expanding African visions of the world.


I understand myself as a feminist. I know that I have shocked some of my African friends with this admission. Anyway, in my advocacy of this idea, I seek to apply the moral visions of thinkers such as Martin Buber, Gabriel Marcel, Martha Nussbaum, Paul Ricoeur etc to the questions that address the condition of women in Africa.


My research in Igbo poetry is deeply personal and scholarly. Being a poet, I want to understand what I do. I also want to understand the agwu phenomenon in Igbo orature. I am also interested in the idea of ritual madness and that of the pharmakos in Igbo cosmology.